Creating and customizing your first flipbook

Find out how to convert your PDF’s into beautiful flipbooks

This article will guide you through the creation of your first flipbook and will help you to learn the basics of working with Publuu.


There are just two basic steps that you have to follow:

  • Upload your PDF file
  • Customize your flipbook

    1. Upload your PDF

    In order to create your first flipbook, you have to log in to your Publuu account first. Now upload your pdf or use our sample if you don’t have one. You can upload it by pressing the upload PDF button or drag and drop it into the selected area.

    When the upload is finished, conversion process will start automatically.

    When the conversion is finished, its cover will appear on the list and your flipbook is ready.

    2. Customize

    You can add custom and animated hotspots with interactive content to your flipbooks by clicking on the interactivities button.

    Choose a page and add customizable hotspots with interactivities like links, photos, videos or sound, into your flipbook.

    For more information go to “Step-by-step with Publuu”