Sharing your flipbook

Find out how to share your flipbook

Sharing your flipbook made with Publuu couldn’t be easier. There are several ways to deliver your e-publications to your recipients. You can do it by:

  • – using a direct link which you can send to your mailing list or publish on social media;
  • – using unique links which you can send to individual recipients;
  • – embedding your flipbook on your website.


With direct link option you can easily share your e-publication with your clients, colleagues and business partners, no matter its size. All they have to do is click on the link provided to get an instant access to your flipbook on all devices.

The direct link is available in top right-hand side of your flipbook’s section on the main menu. Click on the button next to it to copy it, then paste it to an email or post on social media.


If you are keen to send your flipbook to your clients individually, generate unique tracking links, which will allow you to observe your readers’ interactions in real time.

To generate a tracking link, click on tracking links on the right-hand side of your flipbook’s section on the main menu.

You will now see a message saying you don’t have any tracking links as yet. Click on generate link.

Now enter the name of the link (you can use the name of your recipient, the name of the campaign or any other name that comes to your mind) and its expiry date. You can also decide whether you want to be emailed when your flipbook gets opened or if it will not be opened by a certain date. Save all changes by clicking on save.

You will now see a message that your link is ready to be shared. Copy the link and send it to your client.

If you have generated a tracking link before, but are keen to add another one, click on tracking links and then on the blue cross you will find on the left-hand side. Add all relevant information and save it.


A great way to share your flipbook is to embed it to your website. It will look like an interactive part of your web page and it will surely attract your visitors’ attention.

To embed your flipbook, click embed button in the flipbook’s menu.

You will be taken to another screen where you can decide what your flipbook will look like. If you want it to be displayed as a regular flipbook, choose its size (width and height), background and also the starting page.

Now copy the embed code and add it to your website.

If you are keen for your flipbook to be visible as a button your readers need to click in order to open it, click on button and decide on viewing options (whether it should come up as a pop-up window or a new tab), its size and starting page.