Sharing your flipbook

Find out how to share your flipbook

There are several ways to deliver your flipbooks to your recipients.

  • With a direct link
  • With unique links
  • Embedding onto your website

    Direct link


    By using direct link, you can easily share your documents (even the biggest ones) with your clients, co-workers and business partners. Your flipbook will became quickly accessible in all popular desktop and mobile device browsers.

    You can access a direct link by clicking the share button.

    Just copy it and send via e-mail or share on social media.

    Unique links

    You can create many unique links to any flipbook, one for each person. You can track views, interactions and time spent on each page by individuals, who you have sent a link to, in real-time. You can also turn notifications on and be notified when your flipbook has been opened.

    To generate unique links just click the button under the title of your flipbook

    Click on generate link

    Name your link (e.g. you can use the name of your recipient, sales channel or however you like.). Choose the expiry date or switch notifications on if you wish to be notified by e-mail when your flipbook is opened.


    Your link is ready to share!


    Now you can just copy it and send it via email, share on social media or through your e-mail.


    Embed code


    Another way of sharing your new, interactive flipbook is to embedding it to your website. It will look like an interactive part of your own page and it’s a great way to attract your visitors attention.

    In order to do it you just have to copy the embedded code. Click the share button.

    Copy the embedded code and paste and paste into the code of your website.

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