Checking my flipbook performance

Find out how to use statistic panel

Publuu statistics is an easy to use tool, that allows you to analyze your flipbooks’ overall performances. It includes a total number of flipbooks and its individual page views, average reading duration (for each page separately) and a summary of interactions with your content.

It will help you understand your audience and improve your content.

To view stats, click on flipbook menu (3 small dots on the right side) and choose Statistics.

Now you can check all the main statistics that your flipbook generates. You can check the total number of flipbook and separate page views, average time and hotspot use.

If your flipbook is being active for longer, you may select a time range for your stats.

Unique link stats

A unique link is a link that you can share with indivudals and track their behavior. You can track views, interactions and time spent on each page, in real-time, by individual that you have sent a unique link to. You can also get notification when your recipient has opened your flipbook.

To check unique link statistic click on Unique links

As soon as your link records any activity your stats became available. To access them just click on the graph icon as shown below.

You can track your individual client statistics.